Founded in 1982, McQuade Industries is a leading supplier of Scarfing/Burr Cutter inserts.
Currently, our insert/burr cutter are found extensively in the Automotive and Truck agricultural market, as well as the automotive industry.
Scarfing inserts and/or burr cutters are a key product line of McQuade Industries that are sold worldwide, always in inventory for immediate delivery.
We supply inserts to support the following machine builders:
  • Automation International
  • Fontijne Holland
  • ESAM
  • Grotnes Trimmers
  • Hess Trimmers


Our most commonly used inserts range from:
  • 0.750 x 0.750 x 0.250 (with 2 or 4 cutting edges)
  • 1.00 x 1.00 x 0.375 (with 4 cutting edges)
In addition, our design team is capable of making custom inserts as big or small as needed.


Suggested Usage

For maximum tool life, we recommend these settings for your burr cutters:

3 Holder Set up

  • 1st holder – take 50% of up-set
  • 2nd holder – holder all but 1mm (0.039)
  • 3rd holder – balance of stock

4 Holder Set up

  • 1st holder – 1/3 of up-set
  • 2nd holder – 1/3
  • 3rd holder – all but 1mm (0.039)
  • 4th holder – balance of stock (1mm, or 0.039)

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