McQuade Industries Inc generating heads are designed to work on machines where the tool slide stroke is controlled by a drawbar. The drawbar can produce finite, accurate movements in the tool slide(s), allowing the head to perform accurate machining operations. Draw-bars can either push or pull on the actuator, and may be controlled by CNC, hydraulic, or mechanical action.
Operations such as boring, turning, facing, chamfering, and form cutting can be easily performed. Generating heads can often be made to perform multiple operations in a single pass – this provides for optimum efficiency and performance in your machining operations.
McQuade Industries generating heads are made from the highest quality materials, to exacting quality standards. Our engineers have built-in quality features that ensure durability and consistent accuracy. These high-quality features include hardened and ground components, multiple grease fittings with internal lube ways, and anti-friction coatings on wear surfaces.