Led by an experienced team, management of McQuade Industries has undertaken major equipment and software upgrades in recent months to stay on the leading edge of machining and grinding technology in the United States.
It’s that attention to engineering and manufacturing detail, combined with impeccable service, that sets McQuade apart.
For more than four decades, our designers and highly trained machine operators have dedicated themselves to cutting customer costs by building custom tools with waste reduction and tool-life optimization in mind.
We, likewise, welcome the tough jobs. It’s not unusual to get those late-night calls when an engineer or buyer finds himself in a pinch and a competitor quotes him a 12-week wait on delivery from overseas.
It’s then that McQuade – as a nimble, U.S. company – can deliver your tools in a few days. We also have a robust tool repair business that allows us to get your tools rapidly back into production often with suggested changes to improve efficiency.
In short, our continuous improvement means helping you with your continuous improvement on price, up-time and scrap.