About Us

McQuade Ind. Was established in 1978 and is a highly experienced and knowledgeable indexable cutting tool manufacturer. McQuade Industries has earned its reputation in the metal cutting industry as a premier maker of indexable cutting tools and holders. Our specialties encompass building a full spectrum of cutting tools including boring bars, milling cutters, generating heads, draw bar style tooling, cartridges, and returning damaged tools/generating heads to like-new condition. This in-the-field know-how has permitted McQuade to offer complete turnkey tooling packages.

Continental Carbide, Ltd. was founded in 1982 and specializes in the grinding of special carbide and precision form inserts. Continental Carbide has extensive proficiency in carbide grades and coatings, which has enabled us to develop and refine processes that allow customers to get maximum tool life.

We are firmly committed to our existing and future customers and to the continuation of supplying the quality and service which our customers have become accustomed to receiving.

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